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SN Infotech network solutions:

Optimize traffic for monitoring with advanced filtering, aggregation, and replication. Extend investments in 1G monitoring tools to 10G and 40G deployments Automate troubleshooting to reduce MTTR Introduce “drag and drop” simplicity to streamline configuration and management enabling simultaneous monitoring of multiple connection points from a single port.

Expand network monitoring capacity

Poor application performance leads to poor business performance: lost sales, missed opportunities, inefficient operations, and disgruntled customers, weakening the corporate brand. Mitigating this risk, our network visibility solutions equip network engineers to leverage actionable insight—maximizing network and application performance while helping to optimize security, compliance, management, scalability, and ROI. A good network administrator quickly addresses issues that jeopardize your company’s network infrastructure. But a great one goes the extra mile and uses a reliable network monitoring solution to proactively identify, intercept, and prevent the issues.

Network Monitoring basics

What's network monitoring? And why should I care?

Network monitoring serves as your eyes-and-ears, alerting you to any issues on your network. You can keep track of things like printer supplies, software installations, hard drive space, contract due dates – just about anything you can think of that relates to your network. The vast majority of problems that arise in a network are directly related to something changing. The best network monitoring solutions will not only alert you to these changes but will also help you troubleshoot the issue by allowing you to compare your network’s current state with what it looked like before the change. This means you can solve the problem faster!
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