Managed Kubernetes brings K8s to life

Managed Kubernetes facilitates the fully automated setup of Kubernetes clusters. Several clusters can also be quickly and easily deployed, for example to set up staging environments, and then deleted again if necessary.

Kubernetes also significantly simplifies and carefully supports the automation of CI/CD pipelines in terms of testing and deployment.

Our managed solution offers maximum transparency and control of the K8S cluster. This includes:


Security Fixes

Automatic updates of security fixes


Versioning & Upgrade Management

Automatic updates of security fixes

computer (5)

Top availability

Highly-available and geo-redundant control plane

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Admin API Access

Full cluster admin-level access to Kubernetes API

Kubernetes Deployment and Operations

Knowing your TCO is critical in making the right choices about how to deploy and manage Kubernetes but it’s difficult to estimate the cost implications of the various deployment options available today.  Watch on demand to learn how to calculate your true costs for Kubernetes deployment and operations.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Pre-requisites for a successful production roll-out of Kubernetes
  • Major deployment options (DIY, Public Cloud, Managed Service, Distros)
  • Key cost variables during deployment and Day 2 operations
  • Actual TCO calculations from multiple enterprise Kubernetes users

Easy integration of cloud-native solutions

Managed Kubernetes is a complete (i.e. as standard as possible) “vanilla” Kubernetes as defined by the CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation). K8s is most effective when it can interact with a wide range of complementary services (such as istio, linkerd, Prometheus, Traefik, Envoy, fleuntd, rook, and many others) that are connected via APIs. Enterprise Cloud users can install the additional services of their choice themselves.


Fully integrated persistent storage

Using the default CSI-based SNInfotech running stateful applications is as easy as running a simple stateless web server. Persistent volumes (PV) are automatically created through a persistent volume claim (PVC) and attached to your worker nodes running your pods.

Designed to be fault tolerant, your volume will even be migrated in case of a node failure. Based on the double redundant storage architecture of our Enterprise Cloud, persistent storage is not a source of frustration by SNInfotech Managed Kubernetes cluster.

100% Upstream Kubernetes

Get shared visibility and control across hybrid environments spanning bare metal, private, and public clouds.


Our Pricing


For small scale deployments
£ 599 Monthly
  • Applications Supported
  • Cloud Infrastructure Setup
  • Database setup
  • CI/CD Pipeline
  • System Monitioring/Alerts


Services on top of BASIC Plan
£ 1499 Monthly
  • Applications Supported
  • Configuration Management
  • Database setup
  • Log Aggregation Setup
  • System Monitioring/Alerts
Popular Pack


Services on top of STANDARD Plan
£ 2999 Monthly
  • Docker container deployments
  • Kubernetes/Nomad/ECS
  • Premium Support 24/7/365 support
  • CI/CD Pipeline
  • System Monitioring/Alerts

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