Backup and Disaster Recovery

Company data is one of your most valuable assets. The backup of your company data is the single most importins within any organisation that must be monitored and managed on a daily basis. Core IT not only manages the backup process, we also regularly test the integrity of the backups to ensure the restoration of your data is possible in the time of an accidental deletion or in the event of a complete disaster.

We offer safe and secure onsite and offsite backup solutions. Onsite backups are performed to a client’s site network attached storage device and then replicated to our local secure data center. The time between each backup is dependent on the client’s requirements but can be as frequent as every 15 minutes.

Disaster Recovery Strategies


Internal Recovery Strategies

Many businesses have access to more than one facility. Hardware at an alternate facility can be configured to run similar hardware and software applications when needed. Assuming data is backed up off-site or data is mirrored between the two sites, data can be restored at the alternate site and processing can continue.


Vendor Supported Recovery Strategies

There are vendors that can provide “hot sites” for IT disaster recovery. These sites are fully configured data centers with commonly used hardware and software products. Subscribers may provide unique equipment or software either at the time of disaster or store it at the hot site ready for use.


Developing the Data Backup Plan

Identify data on network servers, desktop computers, laptop computers and wireless devices that needs to be backed up along with other hard copy records and information. The plan should include regularly scheduled backups from wireless devices, laptop computers and desktop computers.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Core IT assists you in business develop an effective Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) to aid the recovery and protection of your businesses IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster. Given the dependence on information technology systems to effectively manage operations, DRP is a vital in a business of any size. The objective of the DRP is to minimise downtime and loss of data.

Core IT can advise your business on the most effective strategies and business policies to enable fast and easy restoration of data which are vital to business continuity.

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