SN InfoTech is a leading provider of managed applications enterprise-class cloud services and managed-hosting service offerings for enterprises seeking to reduce the complexity and cost of IT infrastructure by shifting to the cloud.

From keeping the lights on to innovating and automating your most critical cloud systems, our cloud managed services offer you access to teams of experts that will enable you to spend your time expanding your business and transforming your data into value.


Cloud Hosting




AWS, Azure & GCP



Why choose SN InfoTech?

Every innovative organization requires a solid IT foundation in the cloud. Cloud-managed services from SN Infotech provide you with teams of cloud experts that help you make the most of your cloud investment, through 24×7 ongoing management of databases and infrastructure, consumption and cost optimization, availability and performance monitoring as well as automation.

Leverage Our Expertise to your Advantage

Operations are only the beginning. SN Infotech builds on top of your cloud foundation by recognizing and executing on ways to accomplish value from your cloud system and what the cloud has to offer your business, through areas like analytics and automation.


Better outcomes, even faster

Our established automation, processes, and unmatched cloud expertise deliver you the fastest time to value ratio.

Leading cloud partnerships

We’ve partnered with leading public cloud vendors like Azure, AWS, and GCP, to offer cloud solutions tailored to your organization.

Cloud services – End-to-end

We go beyond than just managing your day-to-day. You’ll get access to our huge range of services and expertise to explore and adopt new technologies.

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