Who We Are

At SN InfoTech, we use our all-encompassing consulting, technology, management, and engineering competences to design, develop, deploy, test, and sustain business and mission-critical solutions to our worldwide client base.

By using proven technology and management deployment practices, we enable our clients to respond faster to opportunities, accomplish more from their operations, and eventually surpass their mission requirements.


Our Team

Our team works hard to understand, recognize, and develop personalized solutions for your business requirements. Our passion drives our clients’ exclusive growth, development, and business stability instead of mere commercial gain. Our team wants the best for your business and won’t stop until it achieves just that. Since our inception 20 years back, we have grown year on year and are dedicated to continually investing in our people, our culture, and our skill-sets.

Dedicated to Your Vision

Consider our team a partner to shape your vision for growth. We focus on providing creative problem-solving and meticulously-designed solutions to help your organization gain productivity and efficiency. We are known for our scalable solutions and robust applications that improve your business processes now and for decades to come

SN Infotech excels at helping businesses use their cloud and data to transform how they win and compete in this ever-changing environment by delivering advanced hybrid, on-prem, cloud and multi-cloud solutions to solve the most robust data challenges faster and better than their competition.
SNinfotech offers adaptable enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions designed to meet almost every business need. Our solutions help customers make important business decisions confidently while streamlining and automating financial, customer relationship, and supply chain developments in a way that clients can gain better business insight, manage organizational growth, promote productivity, and financial compliance, and decrease IT costs.
The present market demonstrates exponential growth when it comes to the demand for cloud solutions that drive business operations with a massive amount of data being processed daily. SNinfotech team with its Big Data backbone provide a much-required industry tool for inventing new solutions that cater to a large consumer base. Our focus is to configure and tailor our service to fit customer needs and industries of all sizes. With 20 years in the industry, we have become a leading provider of cloud services that simplifies process automation. We aim to sustain the momentum of making businesses simpler, automated, and user-friendly. With a customer-centric approach, our aim is to help businesses and enterprises thrive.

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